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Google Shopping Campaign

Advertise with Google Shopping and provide a true product discovery experience. Showcase your products in a clear and appealing way, reaching people who are ready to make a purchase, with the specialized service of Tehuentec.

With these campaigns, you stay one step ahead by assisting users in their shopping research: you provide them with information about your products, their features, and prices before they even click on the ad.

Remember that your budget is only used when someone clicks on the ad, and in this case, it will be those who are highly interested in making a purchase. Invest wisely; we are a Google Partner due to our performance in campaigns.


What goal are you aiming for with your Google Shopping Campaign?

Promote your local and online inventory.
Find your most qualified potential customers.
Increase traffic to your website or store.

What will our Paid Media department primarily do?

tht sea shopping 01 Upload your products.
tht sea shopping 02 Create your campaign.
tht sea shopping 03 Set your budget.
tht sea shopping 04 Evaluate performance.
tht sea shopping 05 You can focus on selling without any other worries!