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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Empower your website with Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Successfully increase leads and conversions on your website. With our search engine marketing service (SEM), position your website in the top positions of search engines.
Grupo 1166 Search Engine Marketing

Increase visits to your website with Tehuentec

We use a strategy to get your target audience to your website quickly, either organically through our SEO service, paid through SEA or using both.

By adding Tehuentec's services to your organization, you will have the assistance of our Paid Media & SEO Department, to position your website. Results: more customers for your company and recognition for your brand.

SEO Agency
Show up first in search engines!

Nowadays it is not enough to have an active website, it is necessary to have a presence in search engines. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) allows, through SEO, to improve your website and place it among the top search results, organically, without ads. This is understood as more and better visits, which equals more sales.

Our team experts from Paid Media Department and SEO, will employ strategies to improve your web site, analyzing the current situation and performing different actions to get it positioned in search engines like Google

Empower your presence on
Google Ads

Boost your sales with a stronger presence on Google through advertising. Increase the number of questions, calls and sales. Get and reach new audiences interested in your brand, product or service, leveraging every penny invested. Grow your business through Search Engine Marketing (SEM) option.

We work for your company gets the most of out its investment. We are Google Partner, guarantee in the management of your advertising. Our main objective is to understand your business and to know what your customers read and how they search or would search your products or services.

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and what does it cover?

SEM: Marketing for search engines.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Organic ranking.

SEA: Search Engine Advertising. Advertising positioning.

Manage your leads through our Bufaro App

You will have access to a complete tool that we have developed specifically to contact your potential customers.
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View every question from your website's contact forms.

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Access to generated calls, in order to favor the attention of your customers.

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Delegate each of these questions to your salespeople and rate them for feedback.