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Email marketing

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Being more connected is possible

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Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing campaigns are the use of an email for commercial or informational purposes, the content of which is written with a strategic design, to get potential customers to open it, read it and contact you.
This Mass Mailing service in Mendoza from Tehuentec will allow you both to attract new clients and also to retain them.

Your ad to thousands of people

Through email with the domain .com of your business and the generation of a communication campaign , we can directly reach a wide defined segment of current and potential clients, which allows for a massive and effective communication. It is a powerful tool to empower your organization.

The goal is to develop a commercial or informative proposal and send it to an email database for an immediate short-term response.

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What is the creation process like?

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Planning and strategy

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Database management

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Design and programming

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Shipping to the customer for their

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measurement and

Mass Mailing Method

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Send us the information you want to communicate

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The Design and Communication Department will develop the communication strategy and the design of the flyer or newsletter.

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We will send you the proposal for your adjustment or approval.

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It is programmed, taking into account the technical parameters necessary to avoid being considered spam

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Shipments are scheduled, adjusting the quantity
of the same according to the contracted plan.

Find potential customers

Email marketing campaigns usually have a certain level of response defined depending on the target market. In the case that the campaign is from a mass mail to a well-defined database, it can be around a 20% response.

The medium used is an e-mail in which content is written with a strategic design to get potential clients to open it, read it and contact you.

E-mail marketing can be used to communicate offers or newsletters that the company wants to send to its customers or to attract new customers. It provokes immediate response and a direct and personalized relationship with customers, as well as generating highly targeted traffic to your website.

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